Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nokia Lumia 620 Review - Affordability never looked so good

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Nokia Lumia 620 Review - Affordability never looked so good

Nokia’s Lumia 620 could be Palm Centro of 2013

The Nokia Lumia 620, a modestly priced entry-level Windows Phones, represents one of the best value devices we’ve encountered yet on the platform. The 620 replaces the Lumia 610, a device that went on sale last year and now runs Windows Phone 7.8. But in our opinion, the value impact of the 620 is leaps and bounds higher than its predecessor.

Make no mistake, this is an entry-level device that is not meant to rival the 800/900 series of Lumia Windows Phones. But also know this: it is one cool device and we’re having a hard time putting it down. The Good: Bold, eye catching phone with fantastic features and excellent quality all for less than $300. The Bad: May be too small for some. Needs to be on more carriers. Conclusion: Nokia has a winner on hand with the Lumia 620. It has some high-end features in a compact, exciting and nimble body. Although it's an entry-level phone, it raises the bar for quality and could give Nokia a much needed boost. An excellent choice for teens, adults who want no fuss but quality or enthusiasts who want a 'weekend phone'. 

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