Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How To Disable New Facebook Timeline Feature?

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Step 1: Login to your Facebook Profile
Step 2: Write “Developer” in top search box and click on Developer App
disable facebook timeline e1316786131262 Heres How To Disable New Facebook Timeline [Guide]
Step 3: Now you see the same screen you saw when you were activating your Facebook Timeline but this you will click “Edit App” instead of “Create New App
disable facebook timeline 1 Heres How To Disable New Facebook Timeline [Guide]
Step 4: After clicking Edit App you will see the same app you build when you enabled Facebook Timeline.
Step 5: On bottom left of your screen there will be an option to “Delete App” click that.
disable facebook timeline 2 Heres How To Disable New Facebook Timeline [Guide]
Step 6: Facebook will now confirm whether you really want to delete this app or not, click Confirm.
disable facebook timeline 3 Heres How To Disable New Facebook Timeline [Guide]
Step 7: After clicking Confirm you will get a confirmation pop-up that your app has successfully been deleted, click “Ok
disable facebook timeline 4 Heres How To Disable New Facebook Timeline [Guide]
Step 8: And that was it, you just disabled Facebook Timeline, go back to your profile and you will see your old Facebook Profile.
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Now You Can Change your Facebook Page URL/Username

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Now you can change your Fb Page URL (or username) but before you do that, here are few things you need to know:

When you create a Fb Page, the system assigns a random URL to your page that looks like this:

And when your Facebook Page got likes 25 or  more, you can choose a custom username (or vanity URL) for your Page ,that may looks like this:
Facebook Username

Once you have claimed the URL (or username) for your Fb Page, there was no option to change it to another. The only workaround was that you delete the old Fb page, thus losing all the likes and re-create a new one with the desired username, provided it is available.

Change Fb Page User_name
Well that old policy seems to have changed recently and Facebook Page owners can now change the usernames  of Pages . To get start, Open any of your Facebook Pages, go to
Edit Page – > Update Info and click the “Change Username” link under the Username option.

Changing your Facebook Username – Things to Know
Before you change the URL/Username, here are few things you should know:
When you pick a new URL for your Facebook Page, the old URL will no longer work ,returns a 404. Therefore, make sure that you update any existing links in your web pages, email signatures, etc. that point to the old Facebook Page URL.
Be very careful when choosing the new URL for your Facebook Page because you are allowed to change the username of any Page only once.
Facebook Pages ignore periods (.) in the URL and they are also case insensitive. Thus facebook.com/sandwich is same as facebook.com/sand.which or even facebook.com/San.Which.
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Facebook Covers To Spice Up Your Facebook Timeline Profile

I've been using Facebook since it first started, but until recently never took the time to fancy it up. First thing I tried, after some of my friends recommended it, was to add a 'Facebook cover'.
What is a Facebook cover you may well ask, and more importantly, is adding it complicated? A cover is simply itself, it's a photo, and no it isn't difficult to add one to your timeline at all. It's just a photo which is positioned at the top of your Facebook timeline, up above your profile picture.

Your friends will get so much more out of checking out your timeline once it's adorned with the unique picture you have selected. It not only individualizes your page, but helps people see you in a different light, one which you are able to select for yourself. Facebook themselves actually believe it helps them prevent spam and bogus Facebook profiles, which inflict loads of junky content on Facebook users, and only serve to slow the system and detract from the enjoyable sharing experience which Facebook is meant to be.
There are numerous sites which specialize in Facebook covers, and you can visit one and download one of their pictures easily by following the instructions on the site. Personally I like to vary the photos I use as covers from time to time and do seem to prefer using my own pictures, which reflect whatever mood I'm in at the time. Of course you could use a photo to reflect on a group you're in, or for a worthy cause you support, or just use one of your favorite inspirational scenes. You could also star the photo you use on your timeline as well.
To place a Facebook cover on your timeline:

You need to have a Facebook profile.
Open it up.
Left click your mouse on 'Add a Cover'.
Choose whether you want to upload a new photo, or pick one of your own from a location somewhere on your computer.
When you've decided on a photo, move it around by clicking on it and dragging it up or down, left or right.
Left click on 'Save'.

All done? Now you have your very own Facebook cover and can change it whenever the notion takes you.

Your cover image has to be at least 720 pixels wide. You can experiment by varying the sizes of the pictures you use; most of the Facebook covers on the download sites I checked are around 8.1 cm x 3 cm, so you could simply adjust one of your own pictures to around that size to get an optimal fit.
Once uploaded, Facebook cover images are public, allowing anyone visiting your Facebook timeline to view them.
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Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook

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With Web 2.0 came a number of awesome features for web users to do further interact with the web app/website and get the most out of it. One of these features is the use of Keyboard short-cuts that allows users to easily complete the tasks at hand.
Facebook, the great social giant, has a good collection of Keyboard short-cuts that could save you some extra time from reaching out to your mouse for all the clicks.Today, we’ll be covering some of the most awesome keyboard shortcuts that can  make your life easy when using Facebook.So is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts that could really help you save some time.

Google Chrome: 

Alt+M :Send new message,Opens up facebook new message box
Alt+/ :Move Cursor to Search Box
Alt+1 :View Home Page(News Feed)
Alt+2 :View Profile Page
Alt+3 :Accept or Decline Friend Requests
Alt+4 :Open Message Page
Alt+5 :Open Notification Bar
Alt+6 :View Account Settings
Alt+7 :View Privacy Settings
Alt+8 :View Facebook Fan Page
Alt+9 :Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement


Shift+Alt+M :Send new message,Opens up Facebook new message box
Shift+Alt+/ :Move Cursor to Search Box
Shift+Alt+1 :View Home Page(News Feed)
Shift+Alt+2 :View Profile Page
Shift+Alt+3 :Accept or Decline Friend Requests
Shift+Alt+4 :Open Message Page
Shift+Alt+5 :Open Notification Bar
Shift+Alt+6 :View Account Settings
Shift+Alt+7 :View Privacy Settings
Shift+Alt+8 :View Facebook Fan Page
Shift+Alt+9 :Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement
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Sunday, 5 August 2012

How to Host web site server from home PC Apache

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How to Host web site server from home PC Apache
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