Sunday, 17 February 2013

Brando Power Jacket for Nokia Lumia 920

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Brando Power Jacket for Nokia Lumia 920

Packing a lot of power, the Brando Power Jacket is a nice solution for those who don't mind the extra bulk

Back a few weeks ago we reported on Brando bringing their seemingly high quality Power Jacket to market for the Lumia 920. The $37 item features a massive 2200mAh battery that “wraps around” your precious Nokia phone, allowing you go all day and night all at the price of extra size.

Our ‘Jacket showed up yesterday and we’ve been toying around with it. Verdict? For $37 we think it’s a good deal. There’s no doubt that it makes the Lumia 920 even huger but let’s be clear, this is for specific moments where you need extra power—traveling, long hikes, camping, power outages, etc. For that reason, it’s quite a nice addition. The stats on the Brando Power Bank includes 5V input voltage, 1000mA output current, 81.5g in weight and a charging time of 5 hours. For those curious, you can certainly have the sleeve on and charge both it and the Lumia 920 at the same (Lumia 920 takes precedent). Likewise, you can just charge the jacket with the Lumia 920 connected or when it’s separate. The kickstand is nice but definitely flimsy, in fact it feels like it can snap off. It does work well though and it’s better there and cheap then not there, we suppose. Build quality over all is high—though it’s a light plastic, the sliding-lock mechanism feels solid and we like how it complements the Lumia 920 design. It will protect against drops but you have to be careful as the top corners are prone to cracks (yes, we accidently dropped ours about 3 feet up onto concrete—the Brando did not break but there is a hairline fracture).

Coming in black or glossy white, for $37 we feel we got our money’s worth. We don’t expect to be using it every day due to the size but for those rare situations, we’re actually kind of glad we have it.

You can order from Brando here with a 7-10 day delivery schedule. Be sure to watch our hands on video above to see it in action. Pros: 
Lots of power, fair price, decent build quality, nice look
Bulky, cheap kickstand
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