Thursday, 24 April 2014

Infolinks In-Text Advertising Ecpm Rates High Best Google Adsense Alternative With Payment Proof

Infolinks Review
If your are looking for to be publisher on that network then you are choosing best decision in your life for making money with your website.Because friends i never saw best paying adds than this netwok.In old days its rates were not high as today it is paying money to it publishers.

Ads Type: 

Their ads are in text ads means they will target your keywords in your text post.So how much big article you write you will get better advantage for that 

Minimum Payout: 

Their minimum payout is just 50 dollars so its on your traffic that after how many days you will reach that.

How Many Days After I Will Get Paid:

They are paying on net 45 days means  if you have minimum 50 dollars in your account on june 1st you will get that august 15.

Minimum Traffic For Publishers: 

I think they have no minimum but not sure because they accept my one site which have just 50 pageviews per day.But under one condition they will accept your blog or site if it have text in posts.

Their Ads Have Virus: 

They are displaying one of the clean and best ads on your site and not any redirects or dirty ads they will display.

Payment Methods: 

They have many type of payment processors which they are accepting now a days paypal,wire,ach,infolinks prepaid card by payoneer and many more.

Infolinks Are Better Than Google Adsense?

In one case they are better but as we know adsense is king but on my one site they beat my adsense earnings.I was using both both networks at same time where i was getting 2 dollars per day from this network but google paying me just 20 cents.Because i was not getting clicks on that site its depends on your niche.

My Earnings With Infolinks:

So now i am going to show you how much i can earn with infolinks so see here with picture which will show you its earnings.
Infolink Earnings
Infolink Earnings

Payment Proof:

infolink payment proof
Infolink Payment proof
That was my infolinks review i hope you like it.
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  2. adsense better than infolink

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    1. is it true that way? many of my friends recommend Infolinks as an alternative in addition to google Adsense.
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