Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook

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With Web 2.0 came a number of awesome features for web users to do further interact with the web app/website and get the most out of it. One of these features is the use of Keyboard short-cuts that allows users to easily complete the tasks at hand.
Facebook, the great social giant, has a good collection of Keyboard short-cuts that could save you some extra time from reaching out to your mouse for all the clicks.Today, we’ll be covering some of the most awesome keyboard shortcuts that can  make your life easy when using Facebook.So is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts that could really help you save some time.

Google Chrome: 

Alt+M :Send new message,Opens up facebook new message box
Alt+/ :Move Cursor to Search Box
Alt+1 :View Home Page(News Feed)
Alt+2 :View Profile Page
Alt+3 :Accept or Decline Friend Requests
Alt+4 :Open Message Page
Alt+5 :Open Notification Bar
Alt+6 :View Account Settings
Alt+7 :View Privacy Settings
Alt+8 :View Facebook Fan Page
Alt+9 :Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement


Shift+Alt+M :Send new message,Opens up Facebook new message box
Shift+Alt+/ :Move Cursor to Search Box
Shift+Alt+1 :View Home Page(News Feed)
Shift+Alt+2 :View Profile Page
Shift+Alt+3 :Accept or Decline Friend Requests
Shift+Alt+4 :Open Message Page
Shift+Alt+5 :Open Notification Bar
Shift+Alt+6 :View Account Settings
Shift+Alt+7 :View Privacy Settings
Shift+Alt+8 :View Facebook Fan Page
Shift+Alt+9 :Read the Facebook Terms of Service Agreement
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