Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Now You Can Change your Facebook Page URL/Username

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Now you can change your Fb Page URL (or username) but before you do that, here are few things you need to know:

When you create a Fb Page, the system assigns a random URL to your page that looks like this:

And when your Facebook Page got likes 25 or  more, you can choose a custom username (or vanity URL) for your Page ,that may looks like this:
Facebook Username

Once you have claimed the URL (or username) for your Fb Page, there was no option to change it to another. The only workaround was that you delete the old Fb page, thus losing all the likes and re-create a new one with the desired username, provided it is available.

Change Fb Page User_name
Well that old policy seems to have changed recently and Facebook Page owners can now change the usernames  of Pages . To get start, Open any of your Facebook Pages, go to
Edit Page – > Update Info and click the “Change Username” link under the Username option.

Changing your Facebook Username – Things to Know
Before you change the URL/Username, here are few things you should know:
When you pick a new URL for your Facebook Page, the old URL will no longer work ,returns a 404. Therefore, make sure that you update any existing links in your web pages, email signatures, etc. that point to the old Facebook Page URL.
Be very careful when choosing the new URL for your Facebook Page because you are allowed to change the username of any Page only once.
Facebook Pages ignore periods (.) in the URL and they are also case insensitive. Thus facebook.com/sandwich is same as facebook.com/sand.which or even facebook.com/San.Which.
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