Thursday, 20 June 2013

Skype evolves into a Snapchat competitor with Video Messages

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Skype evolves into a Snapchat competitor with Video Messages

Staying in touch with friends and family while on-the-go is insanely easy nowadays, since most of us are always connected all the time. But who wants to call people these days? We all text or chat instead. Well, now you don’t have to just text. Instead, you can video text to your heart’s content. As of today, Skype now offers unlimited video messaging to all of its users. Previously, this feature was limited to just 20 messages per free account. A premium account was required to use it more.
But before you get too excited, we should let you know: there are some limitations. As of now, this is available only on Mac, Windows 8 and Windows desktop, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. So if your device of choice doesn’t fall into any of those categories (sorry Windows Phone users), you’re out of luck … at least, for now. But it’s not all bad news. Though Windows Phone users can’t send video messages, Skype says that any device is capable of receiving and viewing one, as long as it has the Skype software installed. 
To create a video message, there are four steps:
Tap the Video Message icon.
Tap Record to start filming a clip up to three minutes long.
Review your video to decide whether to keep it or send it.
Tap the envelope icon and off it goes!
If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this quick, minute-long video tutorial, but seriously, we think you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Watch the video :
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