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In-Vehicle Cell Phone Repeater Kits

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Wilson 801201 Wireless Vehicle Amplifier

The Wilson 801201 is a mobile wireless amplifier designed to improve the cell-phone reception for one user in a vehicle.

  • Dual Band - Works with all networks (except Nextel iDEN technology).
  • Full Kits Available (Scroll down the page)
  • Behind-headrest low-profile antenna or phone cradle with integrated antenna.
  • Designed for installation in cars, trucks, and other vehicles.
  • Supports one user at a time.
  • Improves standard CDMA and GSM voice signals and also EVDO, HSDPA, UMTS and EDGE (see full list) data transfer services.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Product Overview

The 801201 is a wireless dual band in-vehicle repeater designed for single user use. It provides significantly improved signal strength, and is a wireless unit. The amplifier is powered by your cigarette lighter socket using a supplied power adapter. An AC power supply is available separately.
The Wilson 801201 was recently upgraded to a thinner, more streamlined case. New serial numbers start Wilson 803201, but the product number remains unchanged.

Installation options:
The Wilson 801201 includes a low-profile antenna for wireless use. The 801213 Kit combines the 801201 amplifier with a phone cradle.
Wireless - The kit also includes a low profile internal antenna, that can provide improved signal wireless as long as it is installed no more than 1 foot away from the user's phone. We recommend installing this behind the driver's headrest.
Cradle - See Wilson 801213 Cradle Kit.
Wilson Electronics have a reputation for making reliable high-performance amplifiers, and most customers who purchase kits with the 801201 amplifier are very satisfied with the signal improvement.

Technical Specifications

Product Reference           801201 (Also known as the 803201)
Frequency:                  US PCS 1900 MHz Band 
Uplink:                             1850 - 1910 MHz
                                         Downlink: 1930 - 1990 MHz
                                         US Cellular 800/850 MHz Band 
                                         Uplink: 824 - 849 MHz
                                         Downlink: 869 - 894 MHz
Gain (up/down):          40dB / 40dB
Linear Output power: +30dBm maximum
Max Output Power: 3 Watts (cell site controlled)
Max RF (up/down): +35dBm / +10dBm
Noise Figure (down): 3dB Nominal
Flatness (up/down): +/- 4dB
Isolation:                       > 90dB
Power Consumption: 6V, 0.5A - 1.5A (subject to Uplink Power)
Connectors:                  FME Male, 50 Ohms
Dimensions:                 4.5 * 3.5 * 1.25 (inch)
Weight:                         1.5 lbs

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